Saturday, July 23, 2016
A wealth of resources are available dealing with public health tracking.

In partnership with the Louisiana Office of Pubic Health - Center for Environmental Health, we have developed a series of training modules for entry-level environmental health practitioners. These modules are meant for entry-level practitioners, so they are quite basic. In the future, we will address additional and more advanced topics.

Training modules – There are currently several modules that are organized under topic areas. Under each topic, there arevarious modules that range from 5 to 30 minutes each.

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   Module Name (#)
   Drinking Water (7)
   Lead Poisoning Prevention (4)
   Louisiana Services (4)
   Environmental Health (1)
   Vectors (2)
   Bio-terrorism (7)
   Risk Assessment (6)
   Wastewater (1)
   Food Safety (1)
   Indoor Air Quality (3)
Our Mission
To Improve the health of communities. Using information from an environmental public health tracking network, federal, state, and local agencies will be better prepared to develop and evaluate effective public health actions to prevent or control chronic and acute diseases that can be linked to hazards in the environment. Healthcare providers can provide better care and targeted preventive services. In addition, the public will have a better understanding of what is occurring in their communities and what actions they may take to protect or improve their health.